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The Forge Downtown

A community of 75+ families, exploring STEAM topics with all ages -- 5 through adult. With year-round programs focusing on robotics and technology, our members often do collaborative exploring and learning through Open Forge times.

The Forge Downtown has been creating this community in Wake County since 2010 as Wake Robotics.

Currently 100% volunteer-based and working toward a permanent facility in Cary to bring STEAM to the community.

Changing the World...

Our mission is to empower families and individuals of all ages to collaboratively explore,learn, and lead using technology and engineering.

STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) are an integral part of our society, economy and educational system. We believe that, like having a basketball court available to everyone, having STEAM activities available to everyone is key to our future.

The Forge Initiative

The Forge Initiative (a 501-c3 nonprofit) believes that our future will be stronger and our communities more vibrant when people of all ages can engage collaboratively in technology and art. We act to create that future within each “Forge”.

With The Forge Downtown in Cary focusing on families and robotics, we are also working with Capital Broadcasting and the American Underground to bring The Underground Forge and ARTtech to Durham.

Latest Blog Post
Join us in making the Forge Downtown a reality!
Dec 30, 2016, 5:00 PM
We are so thankful for all of our supporters this year. It’s been an amazing year for many reasons and we couldn’t have done it without our members, volunteers and supporters who are the engines that make the all the Forge gears move.

You can make a difference!!

The Forge Downtown is seeking capital for a permanent location in Cary where people in the community have a place to explore, learn and lead in science, technology, engineering and ARTtech. If you are interested in helping us bring this to our community, please contact us at: connections@theforgedowntown.org or donate by the link below.

We are also looking for on-going partners to bring this opportunity to our community

  • Funding opportunities of $10K to $75K per year in Cary and in Durham
  • Board of Directors positions
  • Volunteer programs


The 2017 Community Chain Reaction will be on May 6, 2017 at Herb Young Community Center in Cary, NC.

For more information: http://communitychainreaction.org/