On January 28th, we are bringing MATH and MAKING together in our first-ever Family Math Party!

What do you need to "do math"? Usually, it's just some paper and pencils. We are ditching pencils, but will have lots and lots of paper instead! What kind of math can we do with old newspapers? What mathematical wonders can be discovered with a bit of cardboard engineering? Is there math in something so basic as a paper plate? Join us to discover answers to these and other fascinating questions and to play with math.

This is a family event. There will be activities for everyone, including some not so simple puzzles for older students and adults. If you can cut with scissors (with or without help), color, fold, and tape, this event is for you!

There is also an opportunity to volunteer to help organize a center and make sure it goes well the day of the event. Free family participation for pre-signed up volunteers. Contact us to see if there are more volunteer opportunities available: workshops@theforgeinitiative.org

Facilitated by Yelena Macmanaman who co-authored Moebius Noodles: Adventurous Math for the Playground Crowd